Our Team

Our expertise also allows us to provide vast range of services.

We are led by those who speak the local languages, know the culture and understand the unique challenges of each community. More than 93 percent of our field staff are from the countries where they work. Their hard work and personal commitment to success of our Clients.

Managing Director

Arek has both operational and managerial experience. He specialises in procurement and sales.

Has an extensive knowledge in metals industry and in the food sector, additionally many years of experience in international commodity trade and forex services solutions.


E: arek@aacommercium.com

T: +48 (0) 516 811242

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Sales Director
Waldemar Strzembicki

Waldemar is Master of Economics.

He has great background of international trade supported with over 25 years of experience in metals including 18 years spent in the Impexmetal Group.

He is an expert of non ferrous metals and alloys.



T: +48 (0) 600 746590

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Head of Finance
Ilona Sokolowska

Ilona is responsible for appropriate security guarantees, providing our customers with safe operation.

She has many years of experience in finance and bookkeeping. In addition she conducts classes as a teacher at the Center for Science and Business "ZAK".


E: office@aacommercium.com

T: +48 (0) 94 307 03 37

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