Ebury Partners Ltd.
This is to certify that A&A Commercium have worked with Ebury Partners Ltd on various projects and we would have no issues recommending them.” 

Our Portfolio



  • Base Metals
  • Alloys
  • Semi finished metals
  • Consulting
  • Forex Services
  • Hedging Services


As a forward thinking business, A&A Commercium Ltd. realize the importance of offering clients the best possible sensible and positive advice. We would like to ensure that our customers have used our extensive experience in the world markets in order to maximize their income.
We help companies develop their brand identity by entering new markets, maximize their revenues and set strategies to supply the desired products. 
We specialise in procurement outsourcing, offering best operational practice for direct and indirect procurement. Our expertise also allows us to provide services such as spend analysis on relevant market or product.

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Address: 34 South Molton Street,
London, W1K 5RG, UK.
Email: office@aacommercium.com
Phone: +44 (0) 77 314 99637


Address: Marszałka J. Piłsudskiego 35
Koszalin, 75-501, Poland
Email: biuro@aacommercium.com
Phone: +48 (0) 94 307 03 37

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