A&A Commercium is a consultancy and physical base metals trading company
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Metals: Base metals, alloys and semi-finished items

We are group of companies actively involved in the physical trading and supply of metals globally, this include non-ferrous so called base metals (Al, Zn, Pb, Cu, Ni, Sn) and steel items. In addition occasionally we are distributors of some semi-finished items, these include; Aluminium wire rod, Aluminium billets, Copper wire rods, lead slabs, copper scrap, aluminium and lead scrap.

Forex Services

A&A Commercium offer you the best service and the most competitive foreign currency exchange rates available today. With years of experience providing financial solutions we have developed an innovative range of products and currency transfer services that can help to minimize your foreign exchange risks and take the hassle out of international payments.

We’ll sort out the foreign exchange, while you focus on moving your business forward.


We offer to our customers a practical and accurate information that they can use to manage their business. A&A Commercium is fully aware of the daily challenges faced by small, medium and large businesses, in particular the management of cash flows, payments to contractors and especially that in the current economic climate banks are not always willing to support businesses.

We specialize in services for international customers providing procurement and vast range of business services.

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Base metals & alloys
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Semi finished metals
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Forex Services
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A&A Commercium always puts customer satisfaction first
We are group of companies providing procurement and business services. We have been also actively involved in the physical trading and supply of metals globally, this include non-ferrous metals, its alloys and semi finished products.
Seeing the perspective of emerging markets we also offer a wide range of business solutions that streamline international trade.
We specialise in procurement outsourcing, offering certified, best operational practice for direct and indirect procurement. Our expertise also allows us to provide services such as spend analysis on relevant market or product but also find right supplier of desirable product.