A&A Commercium is a consultancy and physical metal base trading company. We specialise in the supply of LME Registered brands and we are also suppliers of non LME metals.

A&A Commercium  frequently moves substantial quantities of non-ferrous metals (Base Metals-Prime and Virgin), Copper known as Red Metal, Zinc, Nickel, Tin, Steel, Lead & Aluminium sourcing/procuring from reputed, renowned and leading producers located.

Professional business practices, quality products and better services are fundamental attributes for which the A&A Commercium group is known.


We specialise in procurement outsourcing, offering certified, best operational practice for indirect procurement.

This service includes all the goods and services that are bought by companies to enable their activity.

We deliver back office administration and front office customer contact services to private and public sector organisations across whole Europe. Our flexible structure enables us to deliver multiple services to individual clients, and multiple services across multiple markets, highly efficiently.

Concentrating on the efficiency of the flow of goods and services as seen from our customer’s procurement point of view. We realised that the success of our approach relied on streamlining the complete procurement process, including optimised stockroom management, accounts payable, kitting and shipping.

Our mission is to be hard working, well-disciplined, and open to change, while remaining in compliance with local and international standards of excellence. A&A Commercium always puts customer satisfaction and product quality first, while operating in trustfully and an environmentally sensitive manner, in order to maximise industries we are involved safe with full respect to international law.

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